Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


10 years of Open Source Innovation in Online Video

What's been done, what's next?

After 10 years, and hundreds of thousands of deployments in over 120 countries, Kaltura is growing strong both in capabilities, stability and users. Enabling developers to build video experiences and media workflows, and to integrate rich video experiences into existing applications, business workflows and environments. Kaltura eliminates all complexities involved in handling video at scale: ingestion, transcoding, metadata, playback, distribution, analytics, accessibility, monetization, security, search, interactivity and more. This session will provide a Community and Software 10 year summary of Kaltura, and an outlook to the roadmap of what's to come. Join me on this 10th year celebration of the open source video platform, review the contributions and people behind it, and discuss the exciting developments ahead. If you're building video workflows at scale from internal video portals through surveillance applications - this session will expose you to the swiss army knife of video applications. The only end-to-end open source platform used by hundreds of thousands of organizations globally.


Photo of Zohar Babin Zohar Babin