Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


FreedomBox, liberty inside the cloud.

Run your own life. Host your freedom. Connect with people.

FreedomBox is a consumer device that aims to facilitate free communication among people, safely and securely, in a world where our fundamental rights are under grave threat. FreedomBox will put in people's own hands and under their own control encrypted voice and text communication, anonymous publishing, social networking, media sharing, and (micro)blogging. It is built on top of Debian and is currently available for several single board computers.

This talk is aimed at introducing FreedomBox, its goals, current status and future plans. It is also a call for help.

Decentralization of the Internet

Basic human communication is getting more and more online. Many of us probably already communicate more on the Internet than offline. The communication media are often controlled by few corporate entities who hold immense power. This power that they continue to accumulate is often abused to the determent of their users. Instead of building and relying such centralized entities, we need to build an Internet that is more decentralized and controlled by the people using it.


Most people often believe that there is no alternative to using centralized services like Gmail and Facebook. A global network of volunteers are building software that will put back control of communications back into people's hands. In many areas, such software exists but is not easy to use. FreedomBox project aims to build a consumer device that brings these decentralized technologies together for easy usage and maintenance by typical users.

Ruben Lubbes has been working with and participating in the project for years, mainly working on translations, product development and persona's.


Ruben Lubbes