Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Usable Cryptography with José

C and command-line JSON Object Signing and Encryption

Increased uses of cryptography in web environments, particularly authentication, have driven a set of new RFCs: JSON Object Signing and Encryption. While these standard data formats have dominated web-based applications, they also have further applicability in a wide variety of non-web contexts. This talk will introduce you to José, a plug-able, open source C implementation of these RFCs which provides both an API for direct integration and a usable command-line interface. We will discuss the techniques that we used to keep our API usable across all the possible input parameters and show example of how you can implement José in your own infrastructure. We will also discuss some of our plans for the future, including how you can help contribute.


Photo of Nathaniel McCallum Nathaniel McCallum