Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Hyper-converged, persistent storage for containers with GlusterFS

While containers themselves are stateless many applications still have requirements on storage that should persist across containers and instances of containers. Many such storage solutions require an administrator to set up a storage solution on hardware outside their existing container platforms. GlusterFS changes all that.

GlusterFS is a software-defined, distributed, and scale-out filesystem. Recent developments have made it possible to deploy GlusterFS as a containerized application on your existing container platform (e.g. Kubernetes, OpenShift) thus allowing for a hyper-converged storage solution that only requires having storage devices attached to your nodes.

In this session we will cover how GlusterFS was containerized, how to deploy it, and how it can provide persistent storage for other containerized applications.


Photo of Jose Rivera Jose Rivera
Mohamed Ashiq