Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Introduction to Boost.Geometry

Boost.Geometry is a C++ library defining concepts, primitives and algorithms for solving geometry problems. It contains a dimension-agnostic, coordinate-system-agnostic and scalable kernel, on top of which algorithms are built: area, distance, convex hull, intersection, within, simplify and much more. The library contains instantiable geometry classes, but library users can also use their own legacy geometry types. It also contains spatial index allowing to perform spatial and knn queries on a collection of geometries.

Boost.Geometry might be used in all domains where geometry plays a role: mapping and GIS, game development, computer graphics and widgets, robotics, astronomy and more. The core is designed to be generic and support those domains.

This introductory talk will be followed by a talk discussing the use of Boost.Geometry in GIS domain in more detail as it is used for example in MySQL.


Adam Wulkiewicz