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09:30 Welcome to FOSDEM 2017
10:00 Kubernetes on the road to GIFEE
10:30 Welcome to the Legal and Policy Issues Devroom Python Winding Itself Around Datacubes MySQL & Friends Devroom Opening Intro to Graph databases Intro to the Software Defined Radio Track Welcome Word Backup and Disaster Recovery devroom Welcoming and Introduction Internet Of Things Devroom Opening LuaWt WebRTC - Low barrier to entry. Low barrier to exit? Welcome to the Ruby Devroom 2017 The Office Pokémon GO IV Calculator How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Tumbleweed Opening network access in the Central Office opsi: client management for heterogenous environments BSDCG Exam Session Managing container infrastructure A dozen years of Memcheck What motivates the open source community?
  Free/open source software and drones Portability of containers across diverse HPC resources with Singularity
  Optimizing MySQL without SQL or touching my.cnf DARPA's Hackfest Review
10:45 Essentials about Disaster Recovery with Relax-and-Recover A kernel in a library concurrent-ruby modern tools explained
  LibreOffice UI Concept
  Welcome! The challenges and secrets of the realtime world
11:00 Software Heritage The Veripeditus AR Game Framework Let's talk about hardware: The POWER of open. The State of OpenJDK MSS - Software for planning research aircraft missions The birth of HPC Cuba GNU Radio Project Intro & Update Does your coffee machine speaks Bocce The emergence of open-source 4G/5G ecosystems AMENDMENT Next Generation Config Mgmt modular VDEplug: switchless switching networks (and libslirp) (Ab)using Google's Chromium-EC firmware for your own designs Rebooting Firefox Nightly
  Make your Corporate CLA easy to use, please! Applying profilers to MySQL Quick functional UI sketches with Lua templates and mermaid.js
  Using graph databases in popular open source CMSs Contextual groups in LibreOffice' Notebookbar
11:15 Disaster Recovery management with ReaR and DRLM
  Free communications on the desktop
11:30 Jockeying the Jigsaw The power of duck typing and linear algrebra Instrumenting plugins for Performance Schema Optimized and reproducible HPC Software deployment SDR, Ham Radio and the Debian Hams project Playing with the lights Make your LibreOffice extensions and macros rock Homebrew: getting to 1.0.0 switchdev: the Linux switching framework Live patching the Xen Project hypervisor sparcv9 Firefox DevTools Deep Dive
  Mixed License FOSS Projects
  Next Generation of the LuaRocks test suite
11:45 AMENDMENT HelenOS in the year of the fire monkey Using XMPP to Connect and secure the world of IoT A People's History of the Ruby Garbage Collector
  Incremental Graph Queries with openCypher Interoperability regression testing in LibreOffice
12:00 CloudABI LoRaWAN for exploring the Internet of Things Open J9 - The Next Free Java VM It's time for datetime Reproducible HPC Software Installation on Cray Systems with EasyBuild From 0 to 6 GHz in 30 minutes: Bootstrapping your SDR experience ADEM Mageia, successes and lessons learned 6 years after forking Accelerating TCP with TLDK Replacing Dockerfiles with Ansible-container The next generation Creating the open connected car with GENIVI Firefox and WebExtensions
  sysbench 1.0: teaching an old dog new tricks
  Scalable Asterisk Servers in a Large SIP Infrastructure LibreOffice Online Debugging
12:15 Making wearables with NodeMCU
  Making License Compliance Easy: Step by Open Source Step.
12:30 Diagnosing Issues in Java Apps using Thermostat and Byteman. Webpush notifications for Kinto Putting Your Jobs Under the Microscope using OGRT Twitter Streaming Graph with Gephi SDR Panel: Which are the top 3 challenges for free software radio? On the way to a FOSS Platform for Cloud Based IoT Solutions LibreOffice XML Help in your local browser Writing Open Source Documentation for Open Source Projects Writing a functional DPDK application from scratch Pet-VMs and Containers united? Valgrind, the anti-Alzheimer pill for your memory problems Making Your Own Open Source Raspberry Pi HAT Firefox: The Puppet Show
  Introducing gh-ost Jitsi: state of the union
12:45 Bareos - Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced - Overview Deterministic replay support for Genode components Leverging Rust to Build a Windows friendly ecosystem for mruby
  A different Lua JIT using Eclipse OMR Extensions
  Corporate Shenanigans
13:00 Resurrecting dinosaurs, what can possibly go wrong? Datacubes on Steroids with ISO Array SQL Virtuozzo containers, how it works Optimizing Errors Away Tanker Dask - extending Python data tools for parallel and distributed computing Building distributed systems with Msgflo JsSIP: SIP in your browser eBPF and XDP walkthrough and recent updates External node classifier for easy configuration management. LPI Exam Session 1 Analyzing the Software Development Life-Cycle using Data-Mining Techniques WebRender, the next generation graphics engine by Mozilla research
  Autopsy of an automation disaster
  Bringing the Semantic Web closer to reality Cleaning up the spellcheck dictionary
13:15 QEMU: internal APIs and conflicting world views
  LizardFS - distributed file system made easy
  Redox OS LuaJIT for AArch64 and MIPS64 platforms Introducing mediasoup
13:30 OSINT Tools for Security Auditing Purely Functional GPU Programming with Futhark Mageia Meet-up Understanding JESD204B 6LoWPAN in picoTCP Office Basic Source Code Management Continuous Integration with the Open Build Service Cilium - BPF & XDP for containers fortification vs memcheck How Rust is being developed
  Honeypot your database
  Encryption for the masses with pretty Easy privacy (p≡p)
13:45 What legal and policy issues concerning FOSS need to be systematically researched? Incremental Backups JRuby in 2017: Rails 5, Ruby 2.4, Performance
  (Cypher)-[:ON]->(ApacheFlink)<-[:USING]-(Gradoop) Real-Time Chat on the Web LibreOffice and your IDE
14:00 You know what's cool? Running on billions of devices Bazel Passbolt Shenandoah rinohtype The Marriage of Cloud, HPC and Containers Electronic Design Automation FPGAs in SDR -- Why, when, and how to use them (with RFNoC) JerryScript Packaging Go in pkgsrc RDO's continuous packaging platform Stateful packet processing with eBPF Quit managing the infrastructure to manage your infratsructure Network Block Device Groking the Linux SPI Subsystem Corrode
  The Proxy Wars - MySQL Router, ProxySQL, MariaDB MaxScale
  Quickstart Big Data LibreOffice on Wayland via GTK3
14:15 Conversations in a dual stack world
  QtPass and opensource project management
  Extending Spark Machine Learning Pipelines Introducing kernel-agnostic Genode executables
14:30 Three ideas for the G1 GC (and how to get involved) From Shopping Baskets to Structural Patterns Yocto based IoT device My BSD sucks less than yours DrawingLayer - Optimization & Implementation Modularity & Generational Core Getting Started with OpenDaylight Successful and not (yet?) successful optimisations in Valgrind Embedding/Maintaining SpiderMonkey in a large scale project
  Principled free software license enforcement Painless MySQL HA, Scalability and Flexibility Using BigBench to compare Hive and Spark versions and features
  The Armadito antivirus project The distributed systems behind Ring
14:45 Making Wiki Gardening Tasks Easier Using Big Data and NLP GPU-Enabled Polyphase Filterbanks First steps with Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) What makes TruffleRuby run Optcarrot 9 times faster than MRI? Adventures in Building Unikernel Clouds
  Exploiting Concurrency
15:00 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About "Hello, World"* Continuous Integration at a Distribution Level TPM2.0 practical usage Eclipse 4.7 Platform - The new greatness Boost up your code with Specifications A field guide to the machine learning zoo SailfishOS Frosted Embedded POSIX OS Open-Source BGP networking with OpenDaylight AMENDMENT Puppet Catalog Diffs in TheForeman Isar Learning IoT & coding with HTML5 games
  Inexpensive Datamasking for MySQL with ProxySQL OpenSIPS - an event-driven SIP routing engine
  Designing a graph library for JavaScript Integrating LibreOffice Online via WOPI
15:15 Receiving Wireless Mobile Traffic Lights
  Programming Reconfigurable Devices via FPGA Regions & Device Tree Overlays
  Copyleft in Commerce. Secure Microkernel for Deeply Embedded Devices
15:30 Ruby's Strings and What Java Can Learn From Them Intelligently Collecting Data at the Edge Warp10: A new paradigm for Time Series analysis GELIBoot FreeSWITCH, SIP and WebRTC Load Balancing and High Availability Introducing LibreOffice SafeMode Transactional Updates with btrfs FastDataStacks LPI Exam Session 2 Improving your virtualization development workflow with Lago VEX How to Build an Open Source Embedded Video Player Introduction to A-Frame
  Speeding Up Analytical Queries in MariaDB
  64 bit Bare Metal Programming on RPI-3
15:45 AMENDMENT Networked-Signal Processing in OAI Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing Highly Surmountable Challenges in Ruby+OMR JIT Compilation
  Graph Processing on SAP HANA, express edition Enhance metafile importers - a restart
  QoS Challenges for Real Time Traffic
16:00 Ethics in Network Measurements Continuous Localisation using FOSS tools Crazyflie and Loco Positioning System Experiences in a production environment (Graal) Unbreakable unit tests Postgres MPP Data Warehousing joins Hadoop ecosystem OpenHMD Meetup Project Lighthouse Building a distro with musl libc PNDA.io Is it safe? How to fix Usually Slightly Broken (USB) devices and drivers? (Mobile) Web Compatibility
  Data Analytics with MySQL, Apache Spark and Apache Drill
  What the Cell?!
16:15 Bits, Gates, Traces, and Pins Overview of gr-inspector Introduction to Bareos Backup Python Plugins 20 years of Linux Virtual Memory
  OpenScore - by MuseScore and IMSLP Metre
  TCP/IP for MINIX, the good, the bad, the ugly
16:30 Challenges updating your code to work with Java 9 Jigsaw BigPetStore on Spark and Flink Graph Analytics on Massively Parallel Processing Databases Scientific MicroPython for Microcontrollers and IoT Transport Evolution on top of the BSD's Tackling the LibreOffice update problem Deploying NPM packages with the Nix package manager When configuration management meet SDN Binary analysis with angr So that was HTTP/2, what's next?
  Group Replication
  The s6 supervision suite
16:45 AMENDMENT SatNOGS Interacting with Bareos WebRTC and speech recognition services Scientific Computing on JRuby
  The Document Foundation Development Dashboard
17:00 All Ages: How to Build a Movement Libreboot From pipelines to graphs Helping Linux and Java Play Well Together PHP in the graph Democratizing Deep Learning with Tensorflow on Hops Hadoop Oracle Jigsaw VideoLAN Iotivity from devices to cloud What do you mean ’SDN’ on traditional routers? Does your configuration code smell? VM: Hey VM, can I share a host with you? Secure and Safe Updates for Your Embedded Device Web Logins after Persona
  A discussion of Fedora's Legal state Fine tuning Group Replication for performance
  Graphs at scale The VFS paradigm from the perspective of a component OS Asynchronous event/state notifications in the Janus WebRTC server The Document Foundation Development Dashboard: hands on
17:15 Tensor Processing and Machine Learning for Signal Processing
  Scaling your logging infrastructure
17:30 JDK 9 Outreach - The Awesome Parts Kafka Streams and Protobuf Apache Maven / Jigsaw Open Smart Grid Platform presentation CloudABI for FreeBSD RTC Analytics with HOMER 6 + Big-Data Lightning talk session Open Document Editors DevRoom Distributions from the view of a package Valgrind BoF and Hackaton Software updates with OSTree Discourse development for beginners
  Radio Lockdown Directive Mix ‘n’ Match Async and Group Replication for Advanced Replication Setups
  Network Policy Controller in Weave Net
17:45 Virtual multi-antenna arrays for estimating the bearing of radio transmitters Future ideas for ReaR, DRLM, and Bareos DIY: Home monitoring with Ruby & Pi Using NVDIMM under KVM
  Network Traffic Analysis of Hadoop Clusters High throughput CDR Rating Queues using CGRateS
  Virtualization on the Hurd
18:00 Pieter Hintjens In Memoriam From TRL to MRL: Assessing Open Source Project Market Readiness OpenJDK Governing Board Q&A Metrics and an application log Not less, Not more. Exactly Once Large-Scale Stream Processing in Action. Upipe meetup Armadito Antivirus Source code Config Management Community AGL as a generic secured industrial embedded Linux Diversity User Research and Women in Open Source
  Understanding The Complexity of Copyleft Defense MyRocks
  Fundraising and Crowdfunding for FreeRTC
18:15 Monitoring the ionosphere altitude variation with a sound card OpenStack with Machine Containers
  Learning programming in the XXI century
18:30 MyRocks in production at Facebook Why you should care about SQL for big data and how Apache Calcite can help Telepathy-Bell Using a generic distro to redefine IoT Don't break the Internet!, Mozilla Copyright Campaign in Europe
  How to write your novel with open source application Real Time Communication
18:45 Towards a HVM-like Dom0 for Xen
  Updating reSIProcate iChatGW for any XMPP client