Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Continuous Localisation using FOSS tools

Building a fast responsive localisation process using open source tools

Continuous integration brought us fast reliable and continuous testing. Continuous localisation brings the same speed and delivery to the translation of software. We'll look at how to build such a process using FOSS tools.

Continuous localisation is becoming more critical to the software delivery process. And just like continuous inegration we rely on a number of tools and automation to ensure that we deliver good translations quickly to products.

We'll be looking at continuous localisation processes using FOSS tools and mapping the parallels between modern software development and continuous localisation.

We'll cover aspects such as:

  • Testing/Checking and building automated linguistic and stylistic checks
  • Automated and bidirectional synchronisation between the translation tools and software repos
  • Building in processes for content review both in source and target text
  • Encouraging translator participation
  • Delivering translations quickly and continuously

And for FOSS projects we'll show how to implement a process using FOSS tools.


Dwayne Bailey