Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Quit managing the infrastructure to manage your infratsructure

OpsTheater, an open source stack of best of breed infrastructure management tools

If you need to manage more then a reasonably sized infrastructure in today's day and age you will want to automate things as much as possible. In order to do that properly, you'll need to use tools that help you manage your infrastructure. This poses a problem: before you can manage your infrastructure, you now need to manage the infrastructure you will use to manage your infrastructure. The interesting bit is that if you use industry best practices, a lot of that management infra will look the same or similar across organisations. So why do we need to reinvent the weel over and over?

This talk will present OpsTheater, a stack of tools used to manage an infrastructure made up of current industry best practices (Puppet, GitLab, Icinga, ELK stack). OpsTheater is a fully open source project that was started in late 2015 and is growing to be a great set of tools that takes away the work we do over and over: managing the infrastructure to manage our infrastructure. We will look at the problems OpsTheater solves, the state of the project and what you can do with it today. If you want to help, we'll show where you an go and what you can do. If time permits, a demo will be added showing some of the things we can do with OpsTheater.


Photo of Walter Heck Walter Heck