Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Next Generation of the LuaRocks test suite

In my presentation I will focus on my project during Google Summer of Code program (mentor Hisham Muhammad). I will tell basic informations about this program and then continue to talk about our main goal, which was to increase quality of LuaRocks test suite, use new features from Lua unit testing framework busted and how to use / extend this suite. We implemented the new test suite with Lua unit testing framework busted and changed Continuous Integration practice.

Content of presentation:

  • Basic informations about Google Summer of Code program
  • Basic introduction to Unit test
  • Advantages of Lua unit testing framework busted
    • Main features of this framework
    • Smarter tests that check execution and results
  • Idea of black-box testing based on old bash script used before
    • Few details about old style testing of LuaRocks
    • What was used from old suite
  • Multi-platform of this suite (Windows primary)
    • OS X on TravisCI added
    • Which tests are executable on Windows
    • Known issues with Windows platform
  • Some specific tests, how we deal with black-box tests problems
    • Example of creating mock http server (kind of system testing)
  • What was needed to be changed in LuaRocks Continuos Integration practice
    • Example of yaml files
    • instead of
  • Merging results of tests from more services
    • Example of new test results


Photo of Robert Karasek Robert Karasek