Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Graphs at scale

Scale out Neo4j using Apache Mesos and DC/OS

In the era of docker, big data and micro services it is really important to distribute your applications reasonable across your cluster and keep a good overview of all of your applications. This fact is well addressed, but it would be great to utilize your cluster in that way, that you locate your data in the same cluster like the rest of your application landscape and share your physical resources all over your running applications, no matter if you are serving user requests, crunching data or calculating big graphs. For this reason we brought the awesome graph database Neo4j to run natively on top of Apache Mesos and DC/OS. In this session we will see how easy it is to install, run, operate and scale out Neo4j Causal Clusters on top of Apache Mesos and DC/OS and which possibilities you have spanning big graphs across your cluster.


Jörg Schad