Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Kubernetes on the road to GIFEE

Kubernetes enables teams to focus on developing innovative applications by simplifying deployment, scaling, and configuration through a simple yet flexible API. The system can support all types of applications: web apps, databases, distributed systems, or even VMs; and can do it on any cloud or bare-metal platform. Our vision is that every organization has access to this infrastructure technology, a mission we call #GIFEE: Google Infrastructure For Everyone.

But, as Kubernetes’s reach grows, what do real production applications look like? Where does Kubernetes need to go to continue supporting an ever-wider range?

Join Brandon Philips for a look at the status of Kubernetes and at the roadmap for its future, including automated Kubernetes upgrades, management of complex applications, integration with cloud providers, and multi-cluster federation.


Photo of Brandon Philips Brandon Philips