Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


TPM2.0 practical usage

Using a firmware TPM 2.0 on an embedded device

Nowadays Trusted Platform Module is present in most computers, and it is making its way into embedded platforms as well. In this talk I will explain how to use the (firmware)TPM2.0 available on the Minnowboard MAX/Turbot (see also and for everyday's encryption (

Even though TPMs are cryptographic processors, it is surprisingly hard to use them for common cryptographic operations like signatures and decryption.

Moreover, as opposed to its predecessor TPM1.2, TPM2.0 gets a very little support in Linux and the TGC Software Stack has no support for the most common encoding formats (e.g. PEM and DER).


Photo of Davide Guerri Davide Guerri