Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


QtPass and opensource project management

The road from a 2 day project till inclusion in all distro's

This talk focusses on how QtPass went from a 2 evening necessity project to get management in on using a group password manager, to a full fledged project with over 40 contributors that is available on all linux distributions and OSs.

Working at a full service internet bureau I was shocked to see their way of storing credentials. The most shocking thing was that this seemed to be defacto industry standard behaviour.

A solution for the developers was soon found in pass, the standard UNIX password manager.

Unfortunately management in unable (or rather unwilling) to use CLI tools. So in two evenings I wrote a quick graphical read-only password viewer that used pass to allow management to view passwords. As an added bonus, all internal mails between developers and management were now instantly encrypted aswel.

I put it on github, under a group label, did a little hackathon to have people help me translate it to some languages and thought that was it.

But this was only the start of my adventures into opensource project management.


Photo of Anne Jan Brouwer Anne Jan Brouwer