Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Overview of gr-inspector

A Signal Analysis Toolbox for GNU Radio

This talk copes with the signal analysis toolbox gr-inspector for GNU Radio. I will talk about the development process as well as the functionality and some usage examples.

Receiving unknown signals is hard. It was already possible with GNU Radio, but much manual work and offline tweaking was necessary. Real-time signal analysis was hardly possible. During Google Summer of Code 2016, gr-inspector was developed to make these tasks more easy. The main purpose of the toolbox is to automate as much of a receiving process as possible during runtime. The components of the toolbox include a energy detection block, automated down-mixing/filtering/decimation, resampling, automated modulation classification (AMC) and OFDM parameter estimation/synchronization. Also, a GUI is able to display the analysis results. In this talk, I will give information about the background of the toolbox, what it's capable of and how to use it.


Photo of Sebastian Müller Sebastian Müller