Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017



Border Guard for XMPP Security Domains

Metre is an XMPP Server, but not one that serves XMPP. Instead, it lives in the nether regions between servers - being a Man In The Middle by design and intent - filtering and securing traffic as required.

Metre supports pretty well every bell, whistle, and in fact any other musical instrument of XMPP Server to Server security. It then filters traffic, drops stanzas you don't want, eliding it totally on occasion.

It'll throw your traffic over TLS, over DANE, over SATCOM.

It'll log it all.

It'll protect your autonomous security domain.

It'll wag its little tail when it sees you in the morning, but you won't have to take it for walks.


Photo of Dave Cridland Dave Cridland