Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


LuaJIT for AArch64 and MIPS64 platforms

Improvements and the status

In this talk, we will present the latest improvements done for ARM64 and MIPS64 platforms in LuaJIT. The talk will cover challenges related to new GC64 mode, as well as arch-specific issues.

Up to recently, the only 64-bit architecture that LuaJIT supported was x86_64 and in the latest official release it had limits with addressable memory. In the meantime, new GC64 mode was finished which enabled LuaJIT to address 47-bit address space. ARM64 and MIPS64 ports were done on the top of the new GC64 mode. We will discuss the current status of these ports and point out some pending issues that could cause problems in today's software that uses LuaJIT. The talk will also be useful to those interested to port LuaJIT to another architecture.


Photo of Djordje Kovacevic Djordje Kovacevic
Stefan Pejic