Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Updating reSIProcate iChatGW for any XMPP client

Getting Started with iChat Gateway

The talk consists of an introduction to iChat gateway, tech and protocols used to build it, what new features are being build into it and why we should use ita and a working demo. It mainly shares my ideas and views on this project as that I gathered as I worked on it as part of GSoC'16.

The iChat-SIP gateway was designed to allow communication between a Apple iChat and standard SIP client, for audio calling purposes. It also provides the ability to register iChat users to a SIP registrar server for routing purposes. iChat uses normal XMPP for chat with non-standard extensions for voice and video. The reSIProcate iChatGW can be extended easily to enable chat messaging with any XMPP client but more significant effort is required to standardise the voice support. iChat have been discontinued by Apple and currently iMessage perform the same tasks with added features. The talk includes a demo of this project, starting from from setting it upon the server to successfully sending and receiving calls and messages. It also gives a brief details on the libraries used and on how these help in effective communication. It'll help more peole to get a head-start on this project, setup or contribute to the project or use the libraries and technology to build their on chat systems and set them up.


Photo of Balram Pariyarath Balram Pariyarath