Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017



Free your BIOS today!

Libreboot is free/opensource boot firmware for laptops, desktops and servers, on multiple platforms and architectures. It replaces the proprietary BIOS/UEFI firmware commonly foundin computers.

Libreboot is a free/opensource boot firmware implementation for laptops, desktops and servers, on ARM and x86 (POWER8 and POWER9 is planned). It replaces the proprietary BIOS/UEFI firmware found in most PCs. We believe that this is an important goal to aim for, for reasons of security, privacy and freedom in the user's computing, where, if we are successful and thrive, more people can use systems which do not have malicious anti-features, invasive backdoors and other nasty quirks introduced by most modern proprietary firmware.

Libreboot started in December 2013, as a response to the lack of other similar projects. Its goal was (and is) to provide an easy way for the public to access free, libre computing. This includes the boot firmware, operating system, drivers, applications and everything else.

It is based on coreboot, but we are also interested in using other projects as upstreams aswell, for other hardware. Libreboot is currently expanding, with an explosion of new hardware support on the horizon.

Libreboot was also a GNU project, for a brief period, but it voluntarily left the GNU project over a fundamental disagreement with the FSF, regarding their employment practises. Libreboot is now its own independent project once more, with its own community and infrastructure.

The libreboot project is always looking for more people to get involved, especially skilled hardware hackers (companies welcome) who have experience or knowledge in low-level firmware development.

Libreboot is funded by Minifree, which sells systems with Libreboot and Debian preinstalled.


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