Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Office Basic Source Code Management

OpenOffice/LibreOffice Basic Development with 3rd-Party Editors, Version Control and Cloud Storage Backup

OpenOffice Basic is cool. It can manipulate everything in your document, spreadsheets and slides. It helps you to create complicated reports automatically. But OpenOffice Basic is not cool. It lacks everything a modern hardcore developer needs: Personal favorite text editors, version controls, source repositories, etc. OpenOffice Basic macros are created and edited only with Basic IDE, and stored in some hidden place in your hard disk, not in the source form but in XML. They cannot be managed with modern development tools like svn, git, different text editors, and cloud storage backup.

What if there is a tool that let you work off-line, out of the OpenOffice Basic IDE box, with your favorite text editor, on anywhere on your hard drive? That's why I wrote obasync to do this job: Synchronize your local Basic macro sources with OpenOffice Basic storage. It frees me from Basic IDE and I can apply every source code development tools now.


Photo of Shih-Ching Yang (imacat) Shih-Ching Yang (imacat)