Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Modularity & Generational Core

The future of Fedora?

Following the progress of the Modularity initiative and Factory 2.0 developments in Fedora, it's about time we define what the next, modular operating system should look like, focusing on the developer’s point of view.

This first half of this talk will present the main concepts of Modularity, explaining in detail what modules are, how they get built, composed, distributed and kept updated once deployed on the target system.

The second half of the talk will explore the idea of the so-called Generational Core, often also referred to as Base Runtime — a modular platform base on top of which application modules can both be built and executed.

Both these topics cover ongoing efforts and we don’t yet have definitive answers to all the questions. We’ll talk about what we learned in the past year, what problems we’re trying to solve and our plans for the future.


Photo of Petr Šabata Petr Šabata
Photo of Adam Samalik Adam Samalik