Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


AMENDMENT HelenOS in the year of the fire monkey

HelenOS is a portable microkernel-based multiserver operating system designed and implemented from scratch. It decomposes key operating system functionality such as file systems, networking, device drivers and graphical user interface into a collection of fine-grained user space components that interact with each other via message passing. HelenOS does not aim to be a clone of any existing operating system and trades compatibility with legacy APIs for cleaner design. Most of HelenOS components have been made to order specifically for HelenOS so that its essential parts can stay free of glue code, franken-components and the maintenance burden incurred by them. In this talk I will do the annual HelenOS project update.

Please note that the talk will be given by Martin Děcký instead of Jakub Jermář who, caused by illness, will not attend FOSDEM.


Photo of Martin Děcký Martin Děcký