Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Mix ‘n’ Match Async and Group Replication for Advanced Replication Setups

Redundancy is the prominent technique for creating resilient, highly available services. MySQL has had a quite mature and feature rich replication solution for over a decade now. Moreover, there are interesting new features that allow users to create quite advanced setups. Nowadays, there is group replication, multi-source replication, and of course plain asynchronous replication that allow users to create interesting new setups.

In this session we will present recommended ways to mix and match group replication with regular asynchronous replication. We will show how the user can combine both to create simple upgrade/migration paths to complex setups. We will also show specifically on group replication what is the recommended procedure to provision and deploy replicas and detail what happens behind the scenes when a replica joins the group.


Pedro Gomes