Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Make your LibreOffice extensions and macros rock

Defining user interface has never been easier

This talk will present two ways of working with LibreOffice user interface elements for an extension or a macro - legacy Basic dialog designer, as well as the new feature using .ui files editable by Glade

User interface for LibreOffice extensions and macros has never really been in the spotlight of attention of LibreOffice developers and users despite the fact that built-in dialog designer was pretty advanced piece of software in its time. It still contains quite some powerful features (such as drag-and-drop editor, live preview or easy access to l10n). And while core LibreOffice dialogs have been converted to modern .ui format (thus making it possible for LibreOffice developers to use even more powerful UI editor - Glade), LibreOffice peripherals were still stuck with legacy home-grown obscure formats.

Come and see for yourself that extensions and macros don't have to be dull, interfaceless pieces of software and that with minimum effort and basic knowledge of UI design, you can make them rock. Now you can even use all the capabilities of Glade as .ui format can be read by/included in extension or macro as well.


Katarina Behrens