Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


A kernel in a library

Genode's custom kernel approach

A fundamental aspect of the Genode OS project always was the support for various kernels as back-end. It remarkably raised testing versatility and provided a high flexibility to users and developers. But supporting the Genode API on self-contained third-party kernels is sometimes also accompanied with deficiencies, redundancies, or work-arounds. To also have the option of a basic kernel without such compromises, the custom Genode kernel was developed. Its main distinguishing mark may be that it not only trusts the Genode Core-component but even more is a mere library to it. The implications of this new design and other characteristics of the custom Genode kernel, such as scheduling, capabilities, and ARM virtualization, are discussed in this lecture.


Photo of Martin Stein Martin Stein