Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Intelligently Collecting Data at the Edge

Intro to Apache NiFi and MiNiFi

Apache NiFi provided a revolutionary data flow management system with a broad range of integrations with existing data production, consumption, and analysis ecosystems, all covered with robust data delivery and provenance infrastructure. Now learn about the follow-on project which expands the reach of NiFi to the edge, Apache MiNiFi. MiNiFi is a lightweight application which can be deployed on hardware orders of magnitude smaller and less powerful than the existing standard data collection platforms. With both a JVM compatible and native agent, MiNiFi allows data collection in brand new environments — sensors with tiny footprints, distributed systems with intermittent or restricted bandwidth, and even disposable or ephemeral hardware. Not only can this data be prioritized and have some initial analysis performed at the edge, it can be encrypted and secured immediately. Local governance and regulatory policies can be applied across geopolitical boundaries to conform with legal requirements. And all of this configuration can be done from central command & control using an existing NiFi with the trusted and stable UI data flow managers already love.


Andy LoPresto