Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017



Lua bindings for a C++ Web Toolkit library

Wt is a C++ library for developing web applications and sites.

Wt provides widget-centric API to write web application as if graphical application. Wt translates this to Ajax powered site or to plain HTML site depending on the client. Unlike page-based frameworks or single-page JavaScript frameworks, Wt creates stateful applications that are at the same time highly interactive but still support plain HTML browsers or web crawlers.

Luawt uses all the power of Wt in the world of Lua. Luawt is different from popular solutions like Lapis and Sailor, because Wt is different. Target customer of luawt wants to provide web interface to a library, written in C or Lua. Luawt application can’t run directly from nginx.conf, but the application has per-session state and its code looks like GUI application's code. Luawt is not finished yet, but we have a number of solutions to automate generation of bindings using gccxml, so we expect it to become a practical solution very soon.

We would like to give a talk about luawt in order to show its facilities and demonstrate several examples how it could be applied in everyday web development.

Homepage of luawt: Luawt is delivered to you by Pavel Dolgov ( who is a CS student and open source developer and Boris Nagaev ( who is a site reliability engineer.


Photo of Pavel Dolgov Pavel Dolgov