Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


A field guide to the machine learning zoo

As machine learning (ML) finds its way into more and more areas in our life, software developers from all fields are asked to navigate an increasingly complex maze of tools and algorithms to extract value out of massive datasets. In this talk we'll try to help the aspiring ML developer by describing:

  • a conceptual framework that most ML algorithms fall under
  • considerations about data readiness, algorithms, and software tools from an open-source perspective
  • some common mistakes and misconceptions in the development and deployment of ML systems

The goal of the talk is to aid the audience to think about ML problems in an integrated manner; facilitating the process of going from problem to prototype, making an informed choice about the algorithms and software to use, and providing examples of issues that can, and do come up in production.

The talk is designed to be informative and entertaining, with little previous knowledge required.


Photo of Theodore Vasiloudis Theodore Vasiloudis