Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


WebRTC and speech recognition services

In the modern real time communication world, WebRTC is being paired with multiple channels and services to provide an unparalleled customer experience. Utilizing automated speech recognition allows us to build advanced assistive services such as real time captioned phone calls for hearing impaired people, simultaneous translation tools and automated bot assistants. All of that can be achieved leveraging modern open source software such as Adhearsion, the Ruby telephony application framework, FreeSWITCH, Flite, PocketSphinx and (optionally) external APIs such as IBM Watson. Our experience in developing that kind of service will be presented and discussed, plus code samples and a live demo.

Wrapping FreeSWITCH's WebRTC capabilities with Adhearsion acting as the call logic and the "glue" between parts makes creating rich ASR-enabled applications easier. Adhearsion allows you to leverage the full power of Ruby to access APIs, send messaging and updates, and use databases. Integrating FreeSWITCH with third party APIs who do not provide a direct interface, such as IBM Watson and, through Adhearsion and Ruby. ASR and sentiment analysis will provide our IVRs with an unparalleled ability to not only understand what callers say, but also what their desires and intent are. Dialplan applications can be complex to set up to use those APIs, and web applications are not well suited to that type of application. Adhearsion, the Ruby voice application framework, makes it easy and fun!


Photo of Luca Pradovera Luca Pradovera