Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


How Rust is being developed

The Rust development dashboard

The Rust project has become a large software development project. To better understand how it is being developed, a software development analytics dashboard has been deployed for it. This dashboard tracks most of the public data about Rust development, and allows to visualize, drill down and understand that data. The talk will present this dashboard, and how to use it to learn about the details of Rust development processes and community. It will also present some interesting data obtained from it.

The Rust software development dashboard visualizes data obtained from some systems used to support Rust development: git, GitHub, StackOverflow... The data related to Rust is retrieved from them, stored, organized an massaged in a database, and later visualized in the dashboard. The dashboard allows not only to browse the data, but also to drill down and play with it. This way, any person interested in how Rust is being developed can have both an general overview, or very detailed views of the community and processes involved. The dashboard permits to track activity (in commits, issues, pull requests, questions and answers, etc.), actors (who is creating the code, who is fixing bugs, who is answering questions), and processes (hot long does it take to close issues, or to accept pull requests).

The Rust Development Dashbard has been deployed using GriomoireLab, an complete FOSS system for retrieving data from software development repositories, storing it, and producing different kinds of analytics, dashboards and reports.

The talk will present the different kind of information that can be obtained from the dashboard, and how to interact with it for finding any detail of interest. Several specific aspects of Rust development will be presented as well, so that people attending may expect to finish the talk with a better understanding of how Rust is being developed. The talk will also provide hints on how to exploit the data behind the dashboard to obtain specific information.


Photo of Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona