Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


So that was HTTP/2, what's next?

A look at how HTTP/2 has improved the web, which cases that are still problematic and what's being done about it next. Will there be a QUIC fix?

A recap on what HTTP/2 brought that HTTP/1 couldn't offer before we dig in and look at some numbers that show how HTTP/2 has improved (browser) networking and the web experience for people.

Still, there are scenarios where HTTP/1's multiple connections win over HTTP/2 in performance tests. Why is that and what is being done about it? Wasn't HTTP/2 supposed to be the silver bullet?

A closer look at QUIC, its promises to fix the areas where HTTP/2 didn't deliver and a check on where it is today. Is QUIC perhaps actually HTTP/3 in everything but the name?

Depending on what exactly happens in this area over time until FOSDEM, I will spice it up with more details on how we work on these protocol things in Mozilla/Firefox!


Photo of Daniel Stenberg Daniel Stenberg