Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Painless MySQL HA, Scalability and Flexibility

With Ansible, MHA and ProxySQL

DAMP: Docker is the component that makes the whole environment portable (only bash and Docker needed to set it up) Ansible is an agentless config management system that makes the whole setup automated and painless ProxySQL is a rising star on MySQL's horizon giving full control to DBAs over queries before they hit the DBs. MHA is an proven MySQL HA solution that's easily customizable

My aim with this demo/repo is to show people how easy to set up a test environment with to test a really good MySQL HA/Proxy solution.

Attendees will gain insight into how to leverage Ansible plays to automate many tasks for managing a highly available MySQL environment with the ability of read/write split, load balancing, on-the-fly query rewrite(ProxySQL). We're going to demonstrate scenarios like: - Building HA environment in 3 minutes - ProxySQL auto dynamic config generation with Ansible - failover without losing a single SELECT

A fully working Ansible playbook will be available for the attendees running in Docker


Photo of Miklos Mukka Szel Miklos Mukka Szel