Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


AMENDMENT Puppet Catalog Diffs in TheForeman

Using octocatalog-diff to view catalog changes in the Foreman UI

Viewing the potential changes when changing the environment on a Puppet agent is challenging - much can be altered, and often the only way to know what will change is to actually run it. Using octocatalog-diff (from GitHub) and TheForeman (using a new plugin) we can now view these changes up front, in the UI, before switching the agent to the new env.

Please note that this talk was originally scheduled to be given at 11:00 The talk originally in this slot, "Next Generation Config Mgmt" by James Shubin will now take place at 11:00.

Octocatalog-diff is a commandline tool to show the differences between two puppet environments for a specific node before the node is moved to the new env. That's great, but not everyone wants to work on the commandline

In this talk we'll look at a new Foreman plugin (foreman-puppetdiff) which brings this functionality to the Foreman UI. We'll cover the basics of octocatalog-diff (installation, uses, limitations) and then show how to set up the Foreman plugin and use it in the UI.


Greg Sutcliffe