Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


modular VDEplug: switchless switching networks (and libslirp)

VDEplug now supports plugins... including slirp

The new VDEplug code now supports a URL-like syntax to define the virtual networking system to use. While it is backward compatible, and it is supported by many VM (kvm/qemu, virtualbox, user-mode linux, umview), now it is possible to add the compatibility layer for current and future virtual networking environments.

Currently VDEplug supports: legacy VDE, point-to-point AF_UNIX or UDP, tap, vxlan, vxvde, slirp.

In the developing phase of the slirp plugin, we have implemented a general purpose slirp library (derived from qemu's slirp implementation).

VDEplug4 together with new tools for the management of namespaces and capability create a new ecosystem for the support of virtual networking.


Photo of Renzo Davoli Renzo Davoli