Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Deterministic replay support for Genode components

Performance penalty and challenges

we are modifying Nova kernel to make it support temporal redundancy for user processes running Genode components. Every time a process releases the CPU, we manage to restart it from its last starting point and re-run the same portion of the process code. An practical application of this could be an implementation of a fault tolerant system. At the end of the two executions, one may compare their memory footprints to detect an eventual fault due for example to SEU. We are also interested in the performance penalty this would induce on the overall systems compared to existing redundancy models. In this talk, we will present how Genode components performances are impacted by this type of redundancy. Possible choices and remaining challenges for extending this model for multiprocessor environment will also be discussed.


Photo of Mahoukpego Parfait Tokponnon Mahoukpego Parfait Tokponnon