Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


AGL as a generic secured industrial embedded Linux

Factory production line controllers requirements are not that special

There is no de facto secured embedded Linux distro while the requirement is becoming more and more critical with raise of IoT in Industrial domains. When looking under the hood of the Yocto built AGL project, it is obvious that it can fit 95% of the most common requirements as a Secured Embedded Linux. We will look how non Automotive industries can easily reuse the AGL code and tools to build their own industrial product and why it's a safer bet than to build it internally.

Industrial IoT cannot be successful without a serious improvement of the security coverage. Unfortunately there is as today, no of-the-shelves offer and the skills required to create such solution, are at best rare, more often out of reach. AGL as created a customizable embedded Linux distro which is nicely designed for reuse in many domains outside of Automotive. During the presentation we will see how to: - start your development with boards readily available on the Net, - change the BSP and add peripherial using Yocto layers or project like MRAA, - integrate a secure boot in your platform, - add your middleware and your application without breaking the maintained Core OS - develop a UI on the integrated screen and/or an HTML remote brower - update the core OS and your add-ons. - get support and influence the project.


Photo of Dominig ar Foll Dominig ar Foll