Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Scalable Asterisk Servers in a Large SIP Infrastructure

There are many considerations when building a large SIP infrastructure. This talk will focus on some of the key challenges and decisions that must be made when designing such a system, and how Asterisk can be deployed as a horizontally scalable application server in such a system.

While there is no right way to build a large SIP infrastructure, there are certainly wrong ways. Often, design decisions have to be made early in the construction of an infrastructure that balance trade-offs affecting performance, scalability, and ease of development/deployment.

This talk will explore these trade-offs and design decisions when building such an infrastructure using Kamailio and Asterisk. This includes investigating considerations surrounding: * Managing SIP location and registration * Call routing * SIP subscriptions and event handling * Communications application development


Photo of Matt Jordan Matt Jordan