Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Tumbleweed

Why everyone should be running a rolling release

Rolling Releases are the future of Linux distributions. They are already the better solution for power users & developers. The methodologies, techniques, and capabilities of Tumbleweed are opening up new doors, creating possibilities, and disrupting existing technologies beyond its borders. This session will explain how and why openSUSE Tumbleweed is paving the way for that future, while already being "the reliable rolling release". The talk will dispel the fears, uncertainties and doubts that many have regarding rolling releases in general and Tumbleweed specifically, and share how you can get involved both using, and improving, this exciting fast moving foundation of the openSUSE Project.

The audience is anyone interested in using recent versions of the Linux kernel or other upstream projects. This includes not only enthusiasts, but developers, especially Linux kernel developers and other developers of fast moving stacks who often benefit from having a stable platform with all the latest libraries and binaries available to them. Attendees can expect to get a solid understanding of how Tumbleweed is developed, it's strengths and benefits, as well as a comparison with Tumbleweed to other similar Linux-based rolling distributions. This presentation will encourage a broader adoption of rolling releases and the mentality, methodologies and capabilities that come with it. Tumbleweed and other similar rolling releases are key platforms to enable the high speed development of the Linux kernel and other key ecosystem components which increasingly move at a faster pace than 'traditional' Linux distributions can keep up. Rolling releases are also the natural platform for not only the development but the early adoption of key emerging technologies such as Containerisation and NFV.


Photo of Richard Brown Richard Brown