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09:00 Open Source Under Attack SECCOMP your PostgreSQL WebMIDI STS in Ceph Object Storage Free Software Radio Devroom Introduction and Hackfest Review Welcome to the BSD devroom istsos3: Data Analysis and statistical tools and unit conversions Do Linux Distributions Still Matter with Containers? Discover dependency license information with ClearlyDefined BSP generator for 3000+ ARM microcontrollers seL4 Microkernel Status Update How Firefox upholds its values and keeps up with change Kotlin DevRoom Welcoming Remarks Close lid to encrypt The State of Go Continuous Delivery starts with Continuous Infrastructure Introducing HPC with a Raspberry Pi cluster Community DevRoom Welcoming Remarks Welcome to the Free Tools & Editors Room! Intro How many engineers does it take to change an IOT light bulb?
  Applying Open Culture Practices across Distributed Teams Insights into the Eclipse Open Source Project - News from the Eclipse Platform and IDE Project
  Orchestrating jails with nomad and pot AMENDMENT Almonit: Decentralized Websites and Web Services Distributed Tracing for beginners Checkpointing in a real time OS for transiently-powered embedded systems
09:15 Useful coroutine patterns for Android applications
  STAC: Search and discovery of geospatial assets Identity Box Janus as a WebRTC "enabler"
09:30 Building Decentralized Social Virtual Reality using WebXR on your browser Introduction to the devroom and the Open Source Design collective Modernizing Distribution of SDR Tools and Libraries with Conan Making poetry with Racket cargo deny On-hardware debugging of IP cores with free tools Thunderbird in 2020 and Beyond AMENDMENT Android Content Providers for the Web Tesselle image viewer Functional Programming with Go LPI Exam Session 3 Building an open source data lake at scale in the cloud Surfing the Tsunami - News from the IntelliJ IDEA Community Building composable IOT toolsets with Docker, Node-Red and OpenOCD
  NFS Ganesha Organizing Open Source for Cities
  openEO: Interoperable geoprocessing in the cloud Librecast: Privacy and Decentralization with Multicast Build your own ENUM server using CGRateS
09:45 AMENDMENT In Memory of our Friend, Lars Kurth An event based approach for CI/CD pipelines
  A small, FRP DSL for distributed systems SCION Grafana: Successfully correlate metrics, logs, and traces Making an IoT robot
  From Oracle to Apache - News from the NetBeans Community
10:00 Is the Open door closing? dqlite: High-availability SQLite AMENDMENT Regaining sovereignty over your router PWAs on steroids Landscape of new challenges in modern virtualization platforms Open Source design - Africa Fibonacci Spirals and 21 Ways to Contribute to Postgres—Beyond Code Linux on Mobile BOF GitLab BoF AMENDMENT Channel Equalization using GNU Radio OpenSMTPD over the clouds What's up on Haiku? Packaging Rust programs in GNU Guix Continuous Integration for Open Hardware Projects M³: Taking Microkernels to the Next Level Make it accessible Migrating FOSDEM Companion to Kotlin RFC 1984 The Rise and Fall and Rise of JPEG2000 Porting Go to NetBSD/arm64 Open Source Hardware and Soldering Workshop Magic Castle: Terraforming the Cloud for HPC Linphone Instant Messaging Encryption
  GeoServer Basics Low-end platform profiling with HawkTracer profiler The next generation of contributors is not on IRC
  Evolution of path based Geo-replication in Gluster XL, an extensible programming language AI at the edge with Tensorflow Lite to Design the Future of Vertical Farming
  emissions API New Java Features & Apache NetBeans
  GeoNetwork Basics Collaboration between Free RTC projects
10:30 Write Safer JavaScript Applications with TypeScript! Public clouds and vulnerable CPUs: are we secure? What are we talking about when we say "open design"? How to evolve the GNU Radio scheduler Forth - The New Synthesis Homebrew: Features and Funding rustdoc: beyond documentation Open Source Firmware Testing at Facebook Idiomatic Kotlin Microservices Fixing healthcare data exchange with decentralized FOSS Rendering QML to make videos in Kdenlive Build real-world gaming hardware with TinyGo Mario’s adventures in Tekton land Maggy: Asynchronous distributed hyperparameter optimization based on Apache Spark Jaegertracing in Ceph Sphactor: actor model concurrency for creatives
  Run ZFS in userspace GDB pipelines -- convenience iteration over inferior data structures The Ethics of Open Source
  git-issue HelenOS in the Year of the Pig
10:45 OpenBeans IDE - Creating an Apache NetBeans Distribution
  A minimal pur object-oriented reflective language Getting inspired by open software for a web site: g3n.fyi Rusty instruments XMPP: get your shopping cart ready! Tarantool Cartridge
  What's new in Samba ?
11:00 The core values of software freedom MySQL Goes to 8! The Heptapod project XR adds: “Try before you buy” virtio-fs Some Excerpts from the Theory of Design in Architecture Find your slow queries, and fix them! Terminus DB BOF Weblate meetup A Rose by Any Other Name Would Run Just as Long GNU Guix as an alternative to the Yocto Project AMENDMENT How to run Linux on RISC-V Linux Kernel Library Is the web rea11y for all? Automate your workflows with Kotlin AMENDMENT Open and federated identities with ID4me GStreamer on the Magic Leap One Diversity, Finally Snorkel Beambell - Real-time Weak Supervision on Apache Flink Engineers, Call Your Policy People!
  NetBSD - Not Just For Toasters
  Bootstrapping minimal reflective language kernels The GDB Text User Interface LSP for Java and GraalVM Development Stories around ModBus How to build Webthings?
11:15 Arabesque: a geographic flow visualization application Test Software On Emulated Hardware In Containers... In The Cloud Crossing the Bifröst - Bridging All The Things with Matrix
11:30 Creating symphonies in JavaScript io_uring in QEMU: high-performance disk I/O for Linux UI/UX Tips & Tricks for developers purism librem 5 BOF gr-satellites latests developments Universal package & service discovery with Guix Software distribution: new points of failure Phantom OS What are the Top 10 Frustrations for Web Developers and Designers? AMENDMENT Modern asynchronism with coroutines GNUnet: A network protocol stack for building secure, distributed, and privacy-preserving applications GPAC 1.0 Overview From Go to Kubernetes CRDs and Back Efficient Model Selection for Deep Neural Networks on Massively Parallel Processing Databases Building Ethical Software Under Capitalism Astarte: A Data-First approach to IoT
  Asynchronous Directory Operations in CephFS Eclipse Loves LSP - Achieving More with Less
  AMENDMENT Open Source - Killing standards organizations or saving them FreeBSD Around the World! Boost.Geometry R-tree - speeding up geographical computation. Optimizing rav1e High quality VoIP platforms with Kamailio
11:45 Memcheck Reloaded
  GNU Mes Monitoring strawberries Building IoT solutions with Eclipse IoT technology
  Cognitive biases, blindspots and inclusion
12:00 Why open infrastructure matters SWIM - Protocol to Build a Cluster Open Adult Education: a curriculum to bridge the digital skills gap with free and open source technologies AMENDMENT JavaScript lightning talks Lightweight virtualization in the Cloud and at the Edge Accessibility in MuseScore A Deep Dive into PostgreSQL Indexing Kodi Community Meeting r2cloud - Decode satellite signals on Raspberry PI Reinventing Home Directories A free toolchain for 0.01 € - computers Gneiss: A Nice Component Framework in SPARK Communication Break Down | Coroutines Knocking Down the Nest IMSC Open Source Projects Deterministic debugging with Delve LibreOffice Exam Session 1 AMENDMENT Advancing the Future of CI/CD Together Predictive Maintenance Language Server Protocol & Debug Adapter Protocol to the Rescue of Web Development in Eclipse IDE AMENDMENT RTC: A sea of opportunities
  Testing Navit using Device Farms
  Lisp everywhere! IoT Updates with IPv6 Multicast
12:15 Discover the New Firefox Profiler
  Prototyping the Internet of Things with Wyliodrin STUDIO AMENDMENT Rook Cloud Native Storage for Kubernetes Choosing The Right Deployment Strategy
  FreeBSD and LLVM support Growing Sustainable Contributions Through Ambassador Networks Flutter Development in Eclipse VoIP Troubleshooting and Monitoring FAQs
12:30 AMENDMENT JavaScript on Microcontrollers LXD for mixed system containers and VM workloads Gitflow Design pinephone porters BOF Platform independent CPU/FPGA co-design: the OscImp-Digital framework Reverse Geocoding is not easy sled and rio Postmodern strace Status of AMD platforms in coreboot A Component-based Environment for Android Apps How Kotlin can change developer experience with modern graphics APIs Peer-to-peer collaboration, search & discovery Which video network streaming protocol should I use? Classify things in Go: the easy way. Towards reproducible Jupyter notebooks Querying millions to billions of metrics with M3DB's inverted index IoT with CircuitPython
  DuckDB Celebrating Guile 2020
12:45 Web compatibility and ML Buildtest: HPC Software Stack Testing Framework WebRTC isn't just for (video) conference calls
  Emacs Should Be Emacs Lisp - Thoughts on the Future of Emacs PSLab.io
  Working with spatial trajectories in Boost Geometry Bringing back ethics to open source
13:00 Why the GPL is great for business Improving protections against speculative execution side channel Apache DataSketches Are PWAs ready to take over the world? Building Blocks for Containerized Ceph oVirt 4k - teaching an old dog new tricks UXBOX, the time for an open source online prototyping platform has arrived PostgreSQL on K8S at Zalando: Two years in production Plain Text Accounting BOF Striving for Performance Portability of Software Radio Software in the Era of Heterogeneous SoCs Using systemd security features to build a more secure distro RedisJSON Open Source Hardware for Industrial use Demonstration of the Sculpt Operating System Improve your Android app with coroutines DAT protocol in the browser: Progress and Challenges FOSS in Animation Dragons of CGO Facilitating HPC job debugging through job scripts archival Erlang and Elixir on IoT devices using AtomVM
  strace: fight for performance Progressive Delivery
  Break your BSD kernel Introduction to G-Expressions Secret History of Prometheus Histograms AMENDED Wazo Platform IOT Lightning Talks
13:15 Facilitating distributed deterministic computation with WASI Sharing Reproducible Results in a Container AMENDMENT Just-in-Time Programming
  Go REUSE to license your code MobilityDB Be The Leader You Need in Open Source
13:30 2nd Generation JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries: Beyond Angular, React, and Vue! Edge Clouds with OpenNebula Using biometric gadgets for express-tests in the UX/UI research PINETIME BOF Cooperative Perception in Future Cars using GNU Radio Confessions of a Serial K–otlin Multiplatform–er An Introduction to the Tor Ecosystem for Developers dav1d: 1 year later Advanced debugging techniques of Go code LibreOffice Exam Session 2 Putting Artificial Intelligence back into people's hands IoT Projects in FLOSS Foundations
  HOMER 2020
  PICTOR: A free-to-use open source radio telescope Let me tell you about Raku strace --seccomp-bpf: a look under the hood Projectional Editing and Its Implications
13:45 Geo-spatial queries on multi-petabyte weather data archives
  Explicitly Supporting Stretch Clusters in Ceph Sharing memories of Python and Rust A Practical CI/CD Framework for Machine Learning at Massive Scale Building Community for your Company’s OSS Projects Are You Testing Your Observability? Patterns for Instrumenting Your Services
  Nextcloud Talk
14:00 AMENDMENT Open Source Won, but Software Freedom Hasn't Yet SaBRe: Load-time selective binary rewriting Advancing science with Dataverse Pushing the limits of the Web with WebAssembly Baremetal at the Edge Beyond the Pile of Knobs: Usability and Design for Privacy, Security, Safety & Consent An ultimate guide to upgrading your PostgreSQL installation OpenSCAD BOF OpenHMD Community meeting 2020 srsLTE project update Minimalistic typed Lua is here Introducing libeconf FOSDEM Video Box A Brief Survey through Genode's ARMv8 Playground Loanwords, Agriculture & WebAssembly Kotlin MP: Into the Multi-Verse OpenPush rav1e - 0.3.0 and after Debug code generation in Go GraphBLAS: A linear algebraic approach for high-performance graph algorithms Kubernetes of Things PGP Keysigning
  IntelliJ Elixir - Elixir Plugin for JetBrains IDEs
  actinia: geoprocessing in the cloud Our road to a k8s/GKE based Closed Build Environment
14:15 KDE on FreeBSD Tools and mechanisms to debug BPF programs Lessons Learned from Cultivating Open Source Projects and Communities
  Towards decentralized alternatives for code collaboration Building WebGPU with Rust Modern VoIP in Modern Infrastructures
14:30 State of Node.js Core A 'Thin Arbiter' for glusterfs replication A VM journey from VMware to Kubernetes Jumpstarting your business with Odoo TPM dev BOF Blockchain BOF AMENDMENT The Space Operations Facility of FH Aachen (FHASOF) RaptorJIT: a fast, dynamic systems programming language GRUB upstream and distros cooperation NOVA Microhypervisor on ARMv8-A AMENDMENT A Mozilla IoT Forecast thats Sunny and Clear -- No Clouds! Multiplatform Kotlin Library Development The Path to Peer-to-Peer Matrix Spleeter by Deezer Uplift your Linux systems programming skills with systemd and D-Bus Selecting a Finite Element Analysis Backend for Exascale Fusion Reactor Simulations VSCode Extension for OpenShift Developers How to measure Linux Performance Wrong Insight Fieldtracks
  NetBSD Native APIs - A Userland Perspective (Audio, Input) neat-EO.pink: Deep Learning Computer Vision patterns extraction at scale
  Getting started with FPGA's for Packet Processing AMENDMENT Jitsi: video conferencing for the privacy minded
14:45 Free software in education
  The best of both worlds?
  From a Pipeline to a Government Cloud Developer Workspace As Code - Is Developer Heaven in the Cloud?
15:00 Regaining control of your smartphone with postmarketOS and Maemo Leste The year of the virtual Linux desktop Quality diagrams with PyCirkuit Serverless.com framework Back to the future File sharing & storage for human rights organizations The State of (Full) Text Search in PostgreSQL 12 Task Scheduling of Software-Defined Radio Kernels in Heterogeneous Chips: Opportunities and Challenges Apache Spark on planet scale Integrating new major components on fast and slow moving distributions Support for mini-debuginfo in LLDB Using OSHW and OSS for building your custom hardware platform AMENDMENT Generate a DeepSpeech model with the help of your community AMENDMENT From Swagger to Kotlin via Gradle Building a Web App that Doesn’t Trust the Server Functional audio and video stream generation with Liquidsoap Deep Learning For Gophers LibreOffice Exam Session 3 Build for your microarchitecture: experiences with Spack and archspec WolfBoot
  Introducing Falconieri: Remote Provisioning Service as a Service
  Progress of Rust and WASM in 2019 Engaging Enterprise consumers of OSS From Zero to Useless to Hero: Make Runtime Data Useful in Teams
  License compliance for embedded Linux devices with Buildroot Management of Storage on OpenShift Nim on everything The elfutils debuginfod server FaaS You Like It: Create Serverless Functions & Run Anywhere
  X11 and Wayland: A tale of two implementations Creating GPX tracks from cycle routes in OpenStreetMap
15:30 New features of Vue 3.0 Running virtual machines out of thin air Design contributions to OSS: Learnings from the Open Design project at Ushahidi NGI Meetup Room Unavailable SDR4IoT - Using SDR for IoT Device Fingerprinting and Localization The HIPPEROS RTOS Privacy by Design MaadiX, your cloud in your hands Building an Open-Source based audio streaming platform Speed up the monolith HPC on OpenStack Asterisk: A Project Update Using Micropython to develop an IoT sensor platform with an Augmented Reality UI
  Open Source Support Program by OTA Rustifying the Virtual Machine Introspection ecosystem Dissecting the inline keyword in Kotlin Deployment to hardware Recognising Burnout
15:45 Bach.java: Lightweight Java Build Tool for Modular Projects
  The history of error correction and detection and how it led to Ceph’s Erasure Coding Techniques Move semantics in Nim Divide and map. Now. Grafana-As-Code: Fully reproducible Grafana dashboards with Grafonnet Chat Over IMAP (COI): State of the Union
16:00 FOSSH - 2000 to 2020 and beyond! Making & Breaking Matrix's E2E encryption NGI Zero: A treasure trove of tech awesome How to create Javascript-powered Smartglasses Reaching "EPYC" Virtualization Performance Designing to change it all RTFM Fedora Modularity BOF openwifi Graphing FreeBSD disk utilization with Prometheus Fedora rawhide packages gating, for real! Extending the lifetime of smartphones with Replicant, a fully free Android distribution Unikraft: A Unikernel Toolkit What Makes People Come and What Makes Them Stay Decentralizing OAuth2.0 in a post-GDPR world for full privacy and portability The moldability of mpv Go Lightning Talks Interactive applications on HPC systems TinyGo: Fast, Small, Concurrent: Choose Three
  Debugging apps running in Kubernetes
  zbus: yet another D-Bus library How Does Innersource Impact on the Future of Upstream Contributions? Reach for the Clouds With OpenSIPS 3.0
16:15 Integration Processes Unit Testing with JUnit Jupiter - How to Use the new JUnit Jupiter Platform
  European Software Engineering funded research Designing an ultra low-overhead multithreading runtime for Nim Designing a DSL with Kotlin Getting Your Virtual Hands On RIST
  Ephemeral Pinning: A Dynamic Metadata Management Strategy for CephFS AMENDMENT How secure is your build/server?
16:30 Web of Twins Pitch your project Software Defined Radio based scientific instrumentation VUOS: Give Your Processes a New VU Who will Decentralise the Fediverse? Building cloud-based data services to enable earth-science workflows across HPC centres Monitoring of a Large-Scale University Network: Lessons Learned and Future Directions Zyre: p2p messaging to fuck the cloud
  FOSDEM infrastructure review Async await in Nim Wallonia GeoChallenge Building a thriving community in company-led open source projects
17:00 FOSDEM@20 - A Celebration
  Closing FOSDEM 2020