Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


oVirt 4k - teaching an old dog new tricks

Teaching oVirt to work with 4k storage.

How can we have compression and deduplication using VDO, the new Linux compression layer? How can we use the latest and greatest disks drives? We need to support disks with 4k block size.

oVirt is your best friend when you need to manage your virtualized data center, but when it was created 10 years ago, support for 4k storage was not considered. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Sure you can!

In this talk we will share what we learned implementing 4k storage support in oVirt. We will present the challenges teaching old and stubborn code base to work with disks using 4k storage, and how we addressed them; introducing storage format v5, moving from sectors to bytes, detection of block size on file storage, improving testing in storage area, adding new 4k APis to sanlock and improving qemu block size detection.

Audience: oVirt administrator interested in utilizing the latest and greatest features and hardware. Developers looking for new ways to deal with old code.


Photo of Nir Soffer Nir Soffer