Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


OpenHMD Community meeting 2020

Open Source VR, XR, AR community meeting by the OpenHMD Community!

Open Source VR driver development, reverse engineering and community gathering of OpenHMD.

We will discuss the last year of development, including positional tracking progress, some big changes in the release schedule, and discuss new steps for the project!

Gathering for the OpenHMD open source AR/VR community.

We have been working on a BOOST licensed driver for AR/VR/MR hardware for platform and hardware independent use. During this BoF session we will go over the current state of Open Source VR, go over the progress we have made, and have open discussion about VR and Open Source. In our 2017 session, we even hacked together basic camera support for the Oculus CV1, have fixed up our then recent Sony PSVR driver and made plans and collaborations with other Open Source developers.

If you are interested in this field, develop games/engines, have experience with reverse engineering (USB), like Computer Vision or DSP logic, please come and hang out!