Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


AMENDMENT From Swagger to Kotlin via Gradle

Generating your network code has never been so easy

When writing networking code, you want to make sure the code between the client and server implementation is consistent. After spending hours defining the APIs with your backend engineers, you’ll probably need to spend even more time implementing those details over to your code (and guess what… your backend engineers will be doing the same!). This process is boring, time consuming, and prone to errors.

Wouldn’t it be cool if this process were automated? If you could have classes and interfaces that mirror your API definition? And if they were automatically tested and ready to use out of the box?

It can be done!

In this talk I'm going to present swagger-gradle-codegen, an open source Gradle Plugin I developed to automatically generate Kotlin Data Classes and Retrofit APIs from a Swagger Spec file. The plugin is specifically designed to simplify Android Developers' life and can easily integrated in a CI pipeline to automate code generation in your project.

We will see some of the challenges I faced with code generation and I'm going to discuss the feature roadmap together with other contributors. If you're looking for a Kotlin open source project to contribute to, this could be your chance!

Please note that this talk replaces one entitled "Bridge the physical world: Kotlin/Native on Raspberry Pi" that was due to have been given by Qian Jin, who has sent her apologies but is now unable to attend FOSDEM this year


Photo of Nicola Corti Nicola Corti