Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


NetBSD Native APIs - A Userland Perspective (Audio, Input)

Discussing and encouraging the adoption of NetBSD's audio and input APIs to make third-party software work better

For a while now, Nia has been working to encourage the usage of native NetBSD APIs in third-party software.

One of these is the rather interesting and unique native audio API, distinct from OSS, inherited from an early version of the Solaris API with extensions and improvements made over the years.

In this talk, Nia describes the advantages of using NetBSD's native audio API in comparison to other alternatives.

She also discusses her improvements to third-party software to encourage usage and adoption of NetBSD APIs, including her struggles getting a working Wayland compositor on an operating system with very different input and event APIs to Linux.


Nia Alarie