Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Some Excerpts from the Theory of Design in Architecture

This talk discusses some theories from architectural discourse which attempt to solve problems which required critical and creative thinking. It is interesting to see the overflows and overlaps of theories between design(architecture) and construction(engineering) to solving similar underlying problems. The lengthy history of the field throws up some interesting references and may expose some ideas which might be applicable in new age design+engineering problems.

An architect as a professional in today's day and age represents someone involved in the construction industry tasked with a responsibility for conceptualizing physical spaces and bringing them into reality. Etymologically the word finds its origins in ancient Greek with the word being comprised of 'arkhi' and 'tekton' which loosely translate to 'master' and 'builder' correspondingly.

Historically architectural design and construction was carried out by artisans such as stone masons and carpenters, who were coordinated by a "master builder". There was no clear distinction between architect and engineer. This has created a body of theoretical knowledge which spans across different industry.

This created a field of study spanning the spectrum of creative thinking and logical thinking. The talk sheds light on some interesting examples of how 'architects' have dealt with problems in such a space.


Amit Nambiar