Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


IoT with CircuitPython

Look mam, no development environment.

Introduction to CircuitPython and how to make basic IoT without a development environment.

A brief history of CircuitPython CircuitPython vs MicroPython

Hello World demo: 1. Hello World in REPL 2. Hello World in a Python script 3. Blink (the electronic Hello World) 4. Cheerlights (the internet connectivity Hello World) 5. Hide and Seek (a BLE Hello World?)

Circuit Python supported hardware used for the IoT demo: * nRF52840 (Nordic Semiconductor) with build-in BLE * ATSAMD51 (Microchip) M4 with Airlift (ESP32 used as a Wifi Co-Processor)


Photo of David Glaude David Glaude