Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


UXBOX, the time for an open source online prototyping platform has arrived

Vision and short demo

Hello World UXBOX! This will be our first public announcement of the coming of UXBOX, the open source prototyping online platform based on SVG. We will share our vision and the 2020 product roadmap, explaining the resources that are committed to them. We will perform a quick demo and hope to start a productive conversation with the Open Source Design Community.

After 2 years of painstakingly slow development, Kaleidos (UXBOX sponsor, also Taiga creator) has finally decided to devote full-time resources and relevant investment to once and for all create a modern open source UX/UI prototyping online platform. With open standards (SVG) as a core feature and value, we hope to contribute a much needed platform to the Open Source Design community, which we consider to be instrumental to make UXBOX the best online prototyping tool out there, period. This short talk would share both the vision of the product, its current state and the 2020 roadmap. Moreover, we will want to nurture a healthy and welcoming community around the development and usage of UXBOX and we will give some hints on how we plan to do this so we can already take great feedback from FOSDEM attendees. UXBOX is being developed by open source enthusiasts coming from the tech and UX/UI trenches that have already built 20+ products for startups and launched Taiga in the past. Kaleidos, its umbrella company, has raised seed money and is devoting funds to make sure there is an amazing multidisciplinary team focused on UXBOX, also able to engage with a newly born community of users and contributors.


Photo of Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz