Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Making poetry with Racket

Come and see how to make Poems that are also Code!

Racket allows us to create languages on the fly. It's extremely practical for making DSLs (domain specific languages), but can it also be used to make art? That's what we'll see in this talk, making (executable) poetry with Racket!

I've always been fascinated by languages, may it be programming languages, "natural" , or constructed ones. The way streams of words convey meaning, information, requests, but also emotions, thoughts, feelings, stories, mood... Humans have been using languages for thousands of years. It's one of our most important creation and the one we use the most. For a long time, we only had two sorts of language: natural and constructed. But since the invention of computing, and the concept of "software", we now have third sort: programming languages. We've been writing programming languages for a century now, but, can we consider programming languages to be languages human could also talk with? Can we consider making art with them? Poetry? Let's try out using the wonderful language forge that is Racket, and see if we can learn something on the way, and have fun!


Photo of Jérôme Martin Jérôme Martin