Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


A minimal pur object-oriented reflective language

A minimal pur object-oriented reflective language

Pharo is a minimalist reflective dynamically typed object-oriented language. Pharo is inspired from Smalltalk: Its full syntax fits on a postcard. Its model is simple: everything is an object instance of a class, methods are all public virtual, attributes are first class objects and are protected. There is single inheritance and traits. And nothing else! (see Still Pharo is a real language that is started to be used in industry and The entire Pharo stack is MIT. Pharo reflective core is bootstrapped from source code. Experiences shows that we can have down to 11k (adding 2 smallint) and that a simple web app can be trim down to 500 kb.

In this talk I will present Pharo in a nutshell: Syntax, model, but also user stories. I will show the vision of the project and where we want to go. I will present some key architectural choices. I will show some powerful features such as stack on the fly reification and their application: contextual breakpoint, on the fly program transformation.

Bio: I'm one of the core developer of Pharo, head of the consortium and helping consortium engineers.


Stephane Ducasse