Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Continuous Delivery starts with Continuous Infrastructure

Most organisations start their journey towards Continuous Delivery with their development teams, or often their web or mobile teams. I’ve seen many of these journeys fail because “ops” was not included in the picture. The organisation assumed DevOps didn’t need ops. So the team didn’t adapt, didn’t provide the right stacks, couldn’t support the tools. I’ve started a number of successful journeys with the ops teams doing Continuous Delivery of their infrastructure as code. They changed their mindset, allowing them to understand, support and onboard the development teams. This talk will document that approach with some supporting cases and examples.

Taking one step further we'll showcase a on how to do Continuous Delivery of your Infrastructure as Code, obviously with Open Source tools


Photo of Kris Buytaert Kris Buytaert