Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Astarte: A Data-First approach to IoT

Astarte: A Data-First approach to IoT

Even though the IoT buzz has been around for years, ecosystems are still scattered and developers must usually patch together a number of solutions to achieve their goals. Astarte is a free software, opinionated "blackbox" solution which aims at empowering developers with a platform which puts Data as the first-class citizen rather than focusing on Device-to-Cloud communication, and can scale to production-tier deployments easily.

Astarte enables developers to skip the details of all the plumbing in IoT data collection, and skip straight to easy-to-use mechanisms for harnessing data produced by IoT devices through analytics, AI, or simply visualisation. The talk will go over Astarte's design and architecture, both from a plumbing perspective and from the daily developer usage. The live demo will show how to install Astarte in a Kubernetes Cluster, set up a Device (real or a simulator) to interact with Astarte, and build a minimal web application to interact with it - all in the timespan of the talk.


Dario Freddi