Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Let me tell you about Raku

On why syntax is not so important, with an introduction to the emerging language Raku

Most languages steadily incorporate new programming concepts in new releases, and new languages have these concepts already baked in. These concepts are related to how functions work and are considered and invoked, different data structures and working with things like Unicode. There's a language, Raku, that incorporates most of the new concepts that have appeared in this century. This talk is an introduction to the language by way of the concepts it uses.

Known as Perl 6 until October 14th this year, and released in Christmas 2015, Raku ( was designed as "The language for the next 100 years", and as such, it was created with the intention of incorporating most modern programming concepts. With the same motto as its (kind-of) predecessor, Perl, "There are many ways to do it", Raku is a multi-paradigm language that is functional, asynchronous, object-oriented, and with new interesting features like grammars. In this talk I'll take a look at a dozen of features of modern languages; I'll exemplify every feature with examples from different languages, trying to get through the different concepts of Raku by way of how they are implemented in other languages. Finally, we'll see a few examples of Raku, showing how its rich feature set makes it ideal for learning new programming concepts, as well as putting them to good use to solve your own problems.


Photo of Juan Julián Merelo Juan Julián Merelo